A simple & user-friendly system to manage on-demand student transportation!

Ideal for small to medium sized fleets

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100% Safe, Reliable & Transparent Student Transportation Solution!


Transport Students Safely and Reliably

Kids Express makes it seamless to verify & authorize drivers, track your fleet and assign trips to follow-up and monitor travel locations of your customer. Being a real-time travel companion, this system ensures safety and convenience of your passenger with accurate real-time predictions right from the pick-up point to final payment and feedback. It also helps you to access your fleet data anytime, anywhere

Why use Kids Express?

Safety is given the top priority

GPS system available for real-time tracking

One-to-one pick-up & delivery

Multiple booking or repeated day scheduling is available

Vehicles & Drivers are managed by the Transport Provider

Payment gateway- Both Cash on Delivery & Pre-book payment is available

Verify and authorise individual drivers

At trip completion, passenger signatures are collected

Instant bookings & Schedule booking is available

Has Automated reports and feedback options