A simple & user-friendly system to manage on-demand student transportation!

Ideal for small to medium-sized fleets

100% Safe, Reliable & Transparent Student Transportation Solution!

Transport Students Safely and Reliably

Kids Express makes it seamless to verify & authorize drivers, track your fleet and assign trips to follow-up and monitor travel locations of your customer. Being a real-time travel companion, this system ensures safety and convenience of your passenger with accurate real-time predictions right from the pick-up point to final payment and feedback. It also helps you to access your fleet data anytime, anywhere

Why use Kids Express?

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GPS system available for real-time tracking

One-to-one pick-up & delivery

Multiple booking or repeated day scheduling is available

Vehicles & Drivers are managed by the Transport Provider

Payment gateway- Both Cash on Delivery & Pre-book payment is available

Verify and authorise individual drivers

At trip completion, passenger signatures are collected

Instant bookings & Schedule booking is available

Has Automated reports and feedback options

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